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Bonnelly, Sully  - current collection and runway images.
02 brothers - convergence of fashion, technology, and media in a playful and interactive style.
agnes b. - information on upcoming collections. Site in French and English.
Barnes, Jhane
Beth Schaeffer - designs dresses and sportswear in original fabrics.
Borrello, Fabio
Cerruti-femme - 1881 and Arte collections for women.
Cesarani, Salvatore
Coles, Cate
Feraud, Louis - unlock the secrets of the social season.
Ferre, Gianfranco
Garroudi, Pierre
Grant, Dorothy - First Nations' fashion designer translates traditional Haida art into clothing for women and men.
Kamali, Norma
Khanna, Sharad
Khong, Jesse - San Francisco designer, presenting his women's contemporary clothing collection.
Klein, Calvin
Lacroix, Christian - couturier itinerary, collections since 1987, creations for the theater, and the news of his work.
Lada, Taissa - vintage inspired fashions including corsets, eveningwear, clubwear, accessories, and high-end custom work.
Lawhon, Alicia - site includes collections, photos, press kit, and more.
Lebedev, Tatiana - FuturWare Lab
Lesage, Francois
Lesser, Victoria - the designer of Bill Cosby's world famous pajamas.
M. A. W. S Design Productions, Inc. - fashion photo gallery.
Madden, Steve - Attitude. Cutting-Edge. Cool.
McClintock, Jessica - designs and manufactures several lines of frocks to encompass the wide range of social, bridal, junior, and children’s clothing.
Miller, Nicole - purchase boxers, scarves, ties and golf shirts online.
Mirabelli, Franco - includes biography and current collection.
Mooratoff, Susie - online store and designer information.
Moszel, Walter
Neuman, Fieke - features entry in Smirnoff International Fashion Competition: Flux (in the Aether).
Perrin, Christina
Robinson, Michael - collection features fashions in cashmere and shearling with an exclusive hand embroidered technique.
Rocha, John Index
Rowe, Sue - includes information on current collections, stockists, new products, and a biography of the designer.
Rykiel, Sonia - news about current season and collections. Site in French and English.
Saint Laurent, Yves
Small, Geoffrey B.
Smalto, Francesco - men's couture and ready-to-wear apparel and accessories.
Smith, Paul - personal and collection information for the UK designer.
Sother by Sotera - Hungarian designer Sotera Norvilaite.
Sparks, Kelly - exploring technology through fashion and sculpture through fabric.
Sterling, Lewis - heavily influenced by young, British street culture.
Tanov, Erica - designer of women's clothing as well as children's apparel and linens.
Treacy, Philip Index
Tzar, Misha
Van Beirendonck, Walter - see the new collections, see the master at work, read infos, download goodies, ask questions to Walter.
Versace, Gianni
Yanagisawa, Elisabet - Womenıs Fashion-ware, design inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese culture.


Ayman Fathy

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