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Activity Kits


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Interactive games:

American President Crossword Puzzle - An online playable crossword puzzle with clues based on Washington DC. Inspired by the movie "The American President"
Box Office Exchange - trade movie stocks based on box office returns.
Fifth Element - The Game@
Hollywood Stock Exchange@
Jurassic Park - The Ride Online Adventure - outwit a hungry Velociraptor or become dinner in this role-playing adventure inspired by the film and Universal Studios Hollywood's new ride.
Just for the Ride - ride a shocked bronc, visit the corral of dreams, exchange views on risk & glory at this interactive women's rodeo website from PBS's P.O.V.
Mission Impossible@
Movie Hotlink Golf Course - think you can get from Al Pacino to Rodney Dangerfield in only 3 strokes? Then tee off!
Plot-o-matic - write your own Hollywood screenplay!
Prophet's Game, The - based on the psychological thriller produced by Moondancer Entertainment.
Tank Girl


Children's Toys


Ayman Fathy

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