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Hotel AmuseD: Home of World Cinema  - covers European and American cinema from 1930-1990.
Hollywood Online   - multimedia entertainment, information and previews, hundreds of photos, video, sound and multimedia kits, movie trailers and more.
All Movie Guide
AllFilms - database of movies on video and links to purchase them.
Cinema FreeNet - find connections instantly between any two actors, movies, producers, or directors, or any combination.
Movideo - includes links to official movie web sites, trailers and movie and video release dates.
Movie Database
Movie Sites - download PC software that provides an offline database of film-related info available on the Internet.
Moviefinder - includes personalized movie suggestions, reviews, and email reminders of when your favorite movie is playing on television.
SoundSpeed Movie Database - dedicated to location sound mixers, boom operators, cable pullers, or anyone interested in what and how the sound crew works on a movie set.


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