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Research Hollywood  - conducts interviews, researches articles, and makes contacts in the entertainment industry for news services the world over.
Agence France-Presse (AFP) - French newswire service that distributes news feeds in multiple languages; bureaus and offices worldwide.
AlterNet  - features stories from alternative newsweeklies, magazines and web publications from across the country, and national employment listings.
American News Service, The - offering subscription based news and information on innovations in public problem solving.
Bernama - Malaysia's national news agency.
Capitol Newswire - reviews government news releases, sorts them, and e-mails government officials based on topical interest.
Children's Express  - award-winning news service written by youth 8-18, for everybody.
City News Service - Our reporters and editors cover major news stories in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.
ComputerWire - IT news service. Choose the subjects you want to receive news on and have it delivered daily. Home of Computergram International.
Conservative News Service - full-time conservative Internet reporting on the important issues of the day.
Conus Communications - satellite news gathering cooperative.
Daily Regulatory Reporter - summary reports of regulatory activites for professionals in the environmental, health and safety, risk and compliance segments.
Emerald News Media - television and radio news reports from Ireland for the broadcast industry.
Federal News Service - coverage includes the White House Daily Briefings, Executive and Legislative Branch, Congressional Hearings, and the Supreme Court.
Future Events News Service - offers daily updated forthcoming world news events for subscribers.
Inter Press Service - paid subscription required. multi-lingual, alternative press service concentrating on news in developing nations.
Interfax - news on Russia, the CIS and Baltic Countries.
International Business News Service - accesses late breaking business news information, company issues and crises to be utilized by customers, employees, shareholders and media.
Iraqi News Agency (INA) - in Arabic and English.
ITAR-TASS - Russian News Agency.
Jerusalem Media & Communication Center - provide a wide range of services to journalists, researchers, individuals interested in obtaining reliable information on the Palestinian territory.
Kyodo News - independent Japanese news agency.
Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service - available at your desktop, by subscription.
MediaStream - offers online archives of over 50 newspapers for research purposes via PressLink, and provides newspapers with the opportunity to post their content on NewsLibrary.
News Broadcast Network - provides video and audio services suitable for use by electronic media, including television stations, radio stations, and the Internet.
Newslink Network Corporation - vendor of timely disclosure services specializing in material news information gathering, dissemination, and redistribution to all sectors.
NewsTalk24 - telephone information service provision for community newspapers.
Pacific News Service - network of writers, scholars and eccentrics who provide viewpoints unavailable elsewhere. California is the common reference point, and youth issues are highlighted.
Panafrican News Agency - has partnerships with national news agencies across the continent.
Scripps Howard News Service - supplies news, sports, commentary and photographs.
Talk International - resource centre for the media: press releases, news conferences, topics for discussion and for programming.
TASS InfoWerk - Russian news agency.
United Press International (UPI) - technology-driven news service offering breaking news stories, real-time audio broadcasts and news photos.
Wireless Flash News Service - provides daily feeds of pop culture items to newspapers and broadcast outlets.
Zenger News Service - distributes news and information related to the support and defense of individual liberty and other traditional American values.


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